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The ScopeMatch antenna tuning aid is used to monitor the voltage and current at the output of the Power Amp. When the voltage and current sine waves are equal in amplitude and are in phase the antenna is properly tuned and maximum power will be radiated.

You can also use the scopematch to calculate the TPO (transmitter power out) One volt peak to peak from the scopematch equals 50 volts p-p. Formula is P=(vpp) squared /400 this assumes you have a 50 ohm load.

Example : If your O-Scope reads 4.0 volts peak to peak, multiply 4X50 = 200 and 200 squared is 40,000/400 = 100 watts.


I dedicate a 10 mhz 2 channel Pico 2204A USB computer O-Scope to the scopematch, The software that comes with the O-Scope will display the ScopeMatch sine waves on your computer screen. In the computer control panel you can set the computer for two monitors and displayed the voltage and current sine waves from the ScopeMatch on a second monitor I use a 7 in monitor from ebay for about $30.00. There is a photo of this on the 630M station page, This web-site, This allows me to monitor the antenna match at all times.


Most of the Amps we use on the low bands are class D and they don't like mis-matched loads ( Antenna ). Its important to keep the antenna matched at all times,the antenna will change with weather conditions,ground conditions,time of year and with the amount of power that goes into the antenna. This is why we use a scopematch and a remote tuner.


If your not using a properly designed scopematch your antenna is probably not matched to your 50 ohm feed line.


Remenber what we call a remote tuner dose not tune the antenna, it matches the antenna to the feed line.