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630 Meter modified Folded Unipole Antenna infomation


My goal for this experimental antenna is to design an effective antenna that will fit in a small backyard.

This modified folded unipole is a unique antenna as it is grounded thru the base loading coil and fed from the drop wires.There are many advantages to a folded unipole antenna, not sure I can list them all here.

Electrically short antenna system have low radiation resistance with respect to the RF resistance of the ground system and matching network, all of which are in series with the antenna current.

Feeding the antenna from the drop wires raises the radiation resistance and improves efficiency.

Being only 30 ft tall and grounded at the base makes the antenna less susceptible to lightning strikes,

And with this unipole the base loading coil is much smaller than with series fed monopole antennas.

This antenna could be much improved by increasing the height to 40 or 50 ft, more and or Longer top loading wires. More and or longer ground radials.